Why Do Background Screening?

Pre-employment background checks are primarily conducted to reduce the likelihood of workplace violence, enhance safety and to improve the quality of hires. Workplace violence can have a shattering effect in a workplace. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) published a Workplace Violence Survey in 2012 which stated that 36% of organizations had reported that they had experienced violence in the workplace. A criminal background check can provide a return on investment by decreasing workplace violence and employee turnover in addition to mitigating your risk against losses. Furthermore, bad behavior in the past is a possible indicator of future bad behavior on the job. It’s essential that you identify a bad hire before he or she becomes a new hire. Other reasons are to increase employee retention, to improve your company’s regulatory compliance and to improve your company’s reputation.

According to a survey report by a respected leader in the background screening industry, most employers expect to hire more people. According to the report, 69% of companies said they expected to grow their workforce in the upcoming years. It’s time to make sure your company hires the best people before someone else does. most, if not all, companies surveyed conducted pre-employment background screening, but only 36% reported conducting post hire screening or employee monitoring. Wouldn’t you want to know if an employee of yours committed a serious crime, DUI or traffic violation after they were hired, or were being sued and suddenly were in need of a large amount of cash?

Let Investigative Screening Solutions be your partner in creating a safe, pleasant workplace environment so that your business and employees can flourish.

Why do background screening